*WINNER* - Goliath 22 Wins Award For Filmmaking Excellence

Spotlight Film Awards collects the best films from around the internet in a given month. Of the thousands submitted, we were awarded top honors for the month and a spot in the Atlanta Underground Film Festival Screening Series. Proud of our team and thank you for the recognition!

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Hollyshorts 2018

Some photos from our Sold Out Premiere at the Academy Qualifying Hollyshorts 2018. Great block. Of the seven films shown in our Primetime Slot, two went on to win the top prizes at the festival. Well deserved!

Proud of our team for our top ten finish out of four hundred movies and more than five thousand submissions. Onwards and Upwards! (CLICK TO PHOTO TO SEE MORE)





*Official Selection Hollyshorts 2018*

Goliath 22 tells the story of two enemy soldiers, wounded and out of bullets, who are forced to spend their last moments together in a remote hut in the mountains of Afghanistan. Will they find peace? Or will they tear each other apart?

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"Tyler Winther Joins The 6x6 Project"

Honored to have been invited to join The 6x6 Project.

'6×6 project is an artist-run online platform dedicated to the distribution and promotion of artists’ works in digital form. Founded by artist Mirelle Borra in 2017, 6×6 project is engaged in building an international community of artists. We are particularly interested in artistic practices with an emphasis on critical perspectives. Our aim is to disseminate artists’ works to reach a worldwide audience and to foster an ongoing dialogue. " - Mirelle Borra


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